Sometimes it isn't enough just to bind your slave sometimes they need to be shown who is the Boss. Rubbergirl was getting a little bit out of hand lately so I decided that she needed to be treated like the uncontrolled pet she had become. She never expected that she
Waiting to be Caged would be caged. So I strapped her into her Latex Arm Binder and then forced her pretty head into an inflatable black latex hood. There she stood completely covered in Red and Black Latex teetering on her High Stilettoe heels. Unseeing and unbalanced the poor unfortunate Pet was discovering the cost of her lack of discipline.Once inside her cage I attached her armbinder to an electric winch.
The winch slowly and remorselesly lifted her arms higher and higher behind her back. Rubbergirl was getting more and more unbalanced and disorientated, her lifting arms forced her to step forward and bend over she had to trust the strength of the winch.As her arms lifted even more she had to bend her body and lean over forcing yet more weight onto those stretched arms. As the winch lifted
higher and higher Rubbergirl was begining to pray that it would soon stop her arms now were nearly upright and her head nearly touching the floor as she assumed a very submissive position. The resultant pose of her body forced her arms upright and left her bottom in a very provocative and vulnerable pose. What would you do with an oh so pretty bottom that is just aching to be whipped, yep I whipped it and gave Rubbergirl

another lesson in obedience ! But first I told her what I was going to do to her and left the implement of her toture poised on her delectable bottom. She was blind unbalanced bound tightly and now she had the humiliation of being the carrier of her article of pain !She would Never be a bad slave ever again


Once I finished with her punishment I wanted Rubbergirl to be in an even more vulnerable postition so I lowered her from her winch. I found a table and then chained her Doggie style to the cage she now looked like the badly behaved pet she was. First she was going to be punished and then later I was going to use her chained body as as platform to show of the
new SlinkySkin bondage range. Reduced now to a mere image of a dog and being used as a photographers tool Rubbergirl was deeply regretting her waywardness. But little did she realise that as soon as she had finished being of any use to me she was going to be Vacuum sealed until I decided she was fully obedient again !
Once imprisoned in her latex Tomb rubbergirl had plenty of time to assess her situation. She would not emerge from this vacuum bondage until her master allowed it !! A thrill shot through her she loved the Vac bed and would gladly spend as long as possible in its tight embrace, she had managed to get a reward at last and smiled as her fantasies took over her mind !and she drifted off into her imagined pleasures that she would receive !