Rubbergirl decided that she would like a new Coffee table for our new flat in Hannover she found one that she liked and ordered it, unfortunately when it arrived we couldn't fully assemble it. I decided that as Rubbergirl had ordered it she should solve the problem, and what better way than being made into a coffee tabe herself ! well until we could assemble the table properly that is. Once I had decided to use her I then had to decide which would be the best layout. I thought of some different looks and decided to take some photos to allow me to decide the best one later on. Here are some of the photos. I used an inflatable dildo to keep her from complaining whilst she was my coffee table but I agreed that she could have the dildo inserted somewhere else if she promised to keep silent. I also tied her in tight bondage so that she couldn't move and spill any of the precious wine from my glass.