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Gixxi and Sandeman from Crazy Rubber visited us for a weekend. On the Saturday Gixxi and Sandeman rested from their long journey from their home in the East Of germany. But on Sunday we got down to some serious Rubber Action, which resulted in bringing the population of Dusseldorf to a standstill, well in our local park that is ! This first Page shows the walk around the Park, the second page shows Gixxi and Rubbergirl posing against a statue and the third page shows Gixxi and Rubbergirl posing on a local Statue. After doing all of this the girls decided to have a RubberBall hood party, those photos and Video will be here shortly!


These photos were taken of Gixxi and Rubbergirl in Dusseldorf Park on a Sunday morning. The girls outfits are:

Gixxi: Black Catsuit by Cocoon, G String by Black Style, Gloves by Latexa, boots (not known)

Rubbergirl: Red Catsuit by SlinkySkin, Neck Corset by Marquis, shoes from Camden Lock London, Black Corset from SkinTwo