Trafalgar Square is one of Londons most famous landmarks, it is a square near to the centre of London that is dedicated to Nelsons victory at the battle of Trafalgar. There is a huge column with a statue of Nelson placed on the top. BUT more importantly as fas as I was concerned was that Nelsons column is surrounded by beautiful fountains, what better place to show off Rubbergirls mermaid outfit. The photos are of our latest photo video session. We are also intoducing a new friend of ours Domina Kat, Domina because she is totally dominant and Kat because she loves the slinky colour black. I can gaurantee we will be seeing more of her and Rubbergirl together....

. Click on the image to go to the photo gallery. There are 17 pictures in all showing Rubbergirl and Domina Kat out in Public in their Mermaid outfits !





When I first came up with the idea of using Trafalgar Square to show off Rubbergirl encased in her Mermaid outfit there were some people who showed a lot of concern with regard to the attitude of the UK authorities. I am never one to shy from a good idea especially if it is a Rubber one, I understood my friends concerns for myself and Rubbergirl but I pressed on with the idea. The transport for the day came from a friend, Steve who used his MPV we also though that we needed a lookout to warn us of possible problems this was provided by Brett. On the day, it was Sunday, we were running late, this coupled with the tense atmosphere of not knowing what to exepect created a quiet time in the MPV on the drive to London. Once at the Square all the tension disappeared as we started to look for places to park tje MPV. After several circuits around the square I decided to park the MPV actually on the square behind an Ice Cream Van. As soon as we stopped I jumped out with all of the cameras, Steve also jumped out, he looked all official in his suit.

Within seconds a security guard came up and asked "are you going to erect the scaffolding now ?" Steve just said ":not yet we will be surveying the site now and coming back later" "OK says the security guard I will see you later ". This was the best news as it meant we could work without having to worry about the security guards. What we didn't know was that there was a freedom march that afrernoon in Trafalgar Square and the security guard thought we were the film crew. As it happened there was an army of security guards who offered to help with the Mermaids !!We did all of our photos and the only problem were the crowds who surrounded us begging to have their photo staken with the two Rubber Clad Mermaid girls !!!I was just starting to take the videos when the Police arrived the had discovered that our MPV did not have permisison to be there and asked Steve the driver to move it. So after nearly 45 minutes we were asked to move on. We couldn't have asked for a better day the weather was great and so were the crowds, the Police and security gaurds were flexible and understanding.


I have to admit that this time I was a bit scared, I had heard all of the warnings that people had given Vidking and was pretty certain we would get locked up by the Police. Vidking however was adamant that we couldn't be locked up for being fully dressed in public, I was semi convinced. The trip to London was very tense, but as soon as we arrrived everything happend really quickly and I was soon polishing Dominas catsuit. The crowds swooped on us and I started to relax and enjoy it. I felt safe in my Mermaid outfit, it is extremely tight and is as good a bondage as you can get, if only those people who were posing around me could know that I could hardly move I was clamped in so tightly. Domina was performing perfectly this was her first taste of wearing Latex in Public and certainly her first in such tight bondage. I am looking forward to working together again soon. I know that Vidking has already got some develish bondage/Pony Girl scene planned involving Me, Domina a piercing studio and another guy. We are going to set up an email address for Domina soon so you will be able to email her directly and ask her what she thought.

Bye for now Love Rubbergirl